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Each 5 mL of syrup contains ketotifen fumarate INN 1.38 mg equivalent to ketotifen 1 mg

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Buy Ketof Cough Syrup is not suggested for people who are using other NSAIDs (for example, aspirin) or who have advanced renal, cardiac, cerebrovascular, or gastrointestinal illnesses, or who bleed easily. If you have liver, lung, or heart disease, high blood pressure, or inflammatory bowel disease, see your doctor before using KETOF DT 10MG TABLET.

Ketof Cough Syrup
Ketotifen fumarate.
Indications / Uses
Prophylactic management or treatment of bronchial asthma and symptomatic treatment of allergic conditions including rhinitis and conjunctivitis.
Dosage / Direction for Use
Adults: 1 mg (1 tsp) twice daily with food.
Children >2 years: 1 mg (1 tsp) of ketotifen twice daily with food.
Children <2 years: Not recommended.
Elderly: Same as adult dose or as advised by the physician.
Special Precautions
Effects on the Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery: Drowsiness may occur, particularly during the 1st days of treatment.

What is the benefit of ketofen?

Nonprescription ketoprofen is used to treat mild aches and pains caused by headaches, menstrual periods, toothaches, the common cold, muscular aches, and backaches, as well as to lower fever.

Is Ketorol a steroid?

Describe Ketorol DT. Ketorol DT reduces inflammation and moderate to severe discomfort. It is not a steroid or an antibiotic. It is within the category of NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Does Ketorol make you sleepy?

You should be aware that this drug may cause you to feel sleepy or lightheaded. Prior to understanding how this drug affects you, avoid using machinery or driving a car.